A description of an australian novel lightning mine in the northern territory

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Northern Territory

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Northern Territory

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Places: Northern Territory, Australia

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37 Gram Australian Gold Nuggets (SOLD)

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Australian Opal Mining Fields

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The Northern Territory (abbreviated as NT) is a federal Australian territory in the central and central northern regions of Australia. It shares borders with Western Australia to the west (th meridian east), South Australia to the south (26th parallel south), and Queensland to the east (th meridian east).

The spectacular sights, ancient landscapes, indigenous culture and art and vast, formidable terrain of the Northern Territory epitomise the description 'Outback Australia'.

Adventure and discovery are constant companions in this frontier land. Woodcutters Mine (Woodcutters), Batchelor, Coomalie Shire, Northern Territory, Australia: 'The Woodcuters Mine is located astride the Stuart Highway 80 km south Darwin.

Primary sulphide reserves containing possible economic grades of lead, zinc and silver were first delineated in Find out what's happening in the Northern Territory with the help of our articles and itineraries. Darwin and the surrounding area is home to Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks, where you can learn more about Australia's Indigenous community.

Aborigines and mining royalties in the Northern Territory. Canberra: Atlantic Highlands, N.J: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies ; Sold and distributed in North and South America by Humanities Press. - The Australian novel, Lightning Mine, covers the development of an iron ore mine on a sacred land guarded by &#;Namarrkon'; in the Northern Territory.

MDG/Global mining was very interested in the area, and sent their chief prospector, Aaron Shoemaker to investigate the land.

A description of an australian novel lightning mine in the northern territory
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