An overview of the economy and government of the netherlands


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Information from the Government of The Netherlands

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Netherlands Economy - overview

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Netherlands Economic Outlook.

Economy of the Netherlands

October 23, A second reading of national accounts data saw growth revised upwards slightly in the second quarter owing to stronger-than-estimated growth in private consumption and fixed investment.

The Netherlands - Overview of economy The Dutch have a long history as merchants and traders. From the s through the s, Dutch ships carried spices and other raw materials from India, Asia, and the West Indies to Europe and then carried manufactured products back to these areas.

The Netherlands: country overview Economy overview. The Netherlands, the sixth-largest economy in the European Union, plays an important role as a European transportation hub, with a persistently high trade surplus, stable industrial relations, and moderate unemployment.

European Parliament office in the Netherlands. Dutch Government.

Netherlands Economy - overview

Trade is extremely important to the Netherlands’ economy; the combined value of exports and imports equals percent of GDP. The average applied tariff rate is percent.

The Netherlands - Overview of economy

Netherlands Economy - overview Factbook > Countries > Netherlands > Economy Economy - overview: The Netherlands, the sixth-largest economy in the European Union, plays an important role as a European transportation hub, with a persistently high trade surplus, stable industrial relations, and low unemployment.

In fact, Dutch political system gives a lot of freedom to the government, as long as it has support of the parliament. Head of state – The King King Willem-Alexander van Oranje-Nassau is the nominal head of state of the Netherlands.

An overview of the economy and government of the netherlands
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