Religion tradition and cuisine in the country of vietnam

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Vietnam Culture

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Vietnam food culture in regional diversity

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Vietnamese Culture

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Family Culture Respect for many and ancestors is a key assumption in Vietnam. Vietnamese cuisine emphasizes on fresh food. There is an extensive use of different kinds of sauces (fish, soy, and hoisin), lemon grass, lime, and kaffir lime leaves in Vietnamese food.

Their non vegetarian dishes include delicacies of pork, beef, prawns, tropical fish and chicken. Vietnamese cuisine also includes Buddhist vegetarian dishes. Country Information and Guidance — Vietnam: Religious minority groups. December Quoting United Nations' "Press Statement on the visit to the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam by the Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief".

The country of Vietnam is divided into 3 distinct sections: Northern, Central and the Southern. The cooking style in each region differs in main ingredients, tastes and flavors. However, there are still quite lots of things in common. Jun 13,  · It can be said that there were three layers of culture overlapping each other during the history of Vietnam: local culture, the culture that mixed with those of China and other countries in the region, and the culture that interacted with Western culture.

Long-established religions in Vietnam include the Vietnamese folk religion, which has been historically structured by the doctrines of Confucianism and Taoism from China, as well as a strong tradition of Buddhism (called the three teachings or tam giáo).According to official statistics from the government, as of there are 24 million people.

Religion in Vietnam has historically been largely defined by a mix of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism, known in Vietnamese as the Tam Giáo ("triple religion").

Religion in Vietnam

Catholicism is also practiced in modern Vietnam.

Religion tradition and cuisine in the country of vietnam
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