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The art of advertising illustration – in pictures

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The Art of Advertising: 2018 American Advertising Awards

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An interview with American Advertising Federation Hall of Fame inductee and Interlochen Board of Trustees member Steve Hayden (IAC/NMC 62, IAA ).

· William Bernbach, one of the giants of American advertising in the s and s (the period-piece TV show Mad Men often refers to him), famously said of his profession, “Advertising is The Gunn Report is holding an online exhibition of 50 award-winning press and poster advertising campaigns from 21 different countries, spanning 15 years, that showcase the very best of illustration.

· Get strategies, tools and research you can use right away with the Art of Advertiser Science series.

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With findings from our Advertising Science team, you can apply the advanced experiments we do at Bing Ads with your own paid search /art-of-advertiser-science.

Starting an advertising agency is difficult even in the best of times. Starting one in the worst of times—the Great Depression of the s—defies belief.

Yet in Leo Burnett’s case, that is exactly what it took—belief, and a lot of The Art of Advertising Its Theory and Practice Fully Described by William Stead.

How to Capture German Trade by Unknown Author. The War on German Trade Hints for a Plan of Campaign by Sidney Whitman. How to Live Long Or Health Maxims, Physical, Mental and Moral by William Whitty

The art of advertising
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