The causes of poor grades

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Reasons Students Get Poor Grades

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Causes skin and eye irritation. College is a fun, exciting, and challenging experience for most students, but for some, it is simply too much to handle.

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Few high school students are aware of what college life is like. Causes of poor academic performances of students? I think causes of poor performance among Nigerian students are multi-factors in nature. Do they believe getting good grades as functions.

Hey man I just read this because my grades in college right now are very poor. I know I’m not stupid but I do realize that school is just not for me?

now don’t get me wrong I have an appreciation for hard work because I breakdance and learning a lot of the power moves cannot be learnt on just simple half effort.

The causes of poor grades
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Bright Kids, Poor Grades and What You Can Do About It by: Dr. Sylvia Rimm