The motive for austro hungarian expansion on the balkan peninsula

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History of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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History of the Balkans

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This is crazy two questions:. This lecture also deals with the causes of World War I, but does so from a Balkan perspective. Certainly Great Power tensions were widespread inand those tensions caused the rapid spread of the war after it broke out, but many previous Great Power crises had been resolved without war.

Austro-Hungarian Slavs included Poles, Ukrainians, Czechs, Slovenes, Serbs, Croats, and Slavonized Bulgars. Nationalism in the Balkan Peninsula was seen as the beginning of the potential breakup of both the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires.

The transit from Austrian Empire/ HRE/ Hapsburg Empire nomenclature to Austro-Hungarian empire in was due to the loss of yet another war- Austro-Prussian War - Wikipedia, to Prussia/Germany.

The Turkish part of the Balkan Peninsula was an area of extensive geodetic surveys between and These works were carried out by the Austro-Hungarian authorities, partially in the frame of the International Arc Measurements.

Apr 27,  · undermine the Habsburg position in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which nominally were still under Ottoman suzerainty, Aehrenthal decided to use the opportunity to fortify the Austro-Hungarian position in the Balkan Peninsula.

Fear of Austro-Hungarian expansion and the vulnerability of the Ottoman Empire, at war with Italy over Libya sinceprompted the formation of the Balkan League with Russia's blessing. The Christian Balkan states temporarily reconciled conflicting geopolitical ambitions and irredentist disputes over ethnically mixed Macedonia.

The motive for austro hungarian expansion on the balkan peninsula
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