The reasons for the horror boom in cinema deals since the 1930s

The Great Depression Changes America Forever

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How the Great Depression inspired Hollywood's golden age

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1930s Horror Movies

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Inthe End Friese Green presented a quick camera to a result of enthusiasts. Horror Movies s cinema horror horror movies 15 Reasons The s Were The Best Decade In Horror Cinema This list of reasons why horror flicks of the s were better than anything since ultimately is just one man’s opinion –.

Of course, these days cinema is not the dominant medium it was in the s, and must now compete with TV, computer games, DVDs and iPods. All the same, the cinema audience boom in times of. Today, Japan has carved out a niche of disturbing, graphic horror films, referred to as J-Horror (as has Korea, with K-Horror).

New German Cinema a group of postwar filmmakers, many of whom went through film school, rose up and revolutionized the film industry in Germany in the s and 70s.

Perhaps, one of the most important reasons behind both the increase in the number of horror movies made in the US and the overall increase of horror. Horror Begins To Talk — And Scream.

Horror movies were reborn in the s. Sound revolutionized cinema across the board and had a huge impact on the horror genre— and not just in the form of dialogue. By most accounts The Great Depression began in with the crash of the stock market and lasted until the the beginning of World War II.

It defined a generation of Americans in which every family felt its effects in one way or another, and all sought a way to deal with it and get some form of relief.

The reasons for the horror boom in cinema deals since the 1930s
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